Best Podcasts For UPSC That You Must Listen To?

By Ishika S.

20 Feb, 2024

Preparing for the UPSC exam requires comprehensive study and a deep understanding of various subjects. One effective way to supplement traditional study materials is by incorporating podcasts into your preparation routine. Podcasts offer a convenient and engaging way to absorb information while on the go.


Here are four top podcasts tailored specifically for UPSC aspirants.

• ClearIAS is a well-known platform among UPSC aspirants, offering quality study materials and guidance. Their podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to the UPSC syllabus, including current affairs, history, geography, polity, and more. With concise episodes and expert insights, ClearIAS UPSC Podcast is a valuable resource for aspirants at all stages of their preparation.

1. ClearIAS UPSC Podcast:

2. InsightsIAS UPSC IAS/IPS Online Preparation Podcast:

• InsightsIAS is another reputable name in the UPSC preparation sphere. Their podcast provides in-depth analysis of current affairs, previous year question papers discussions, and strategic tips for tackling the exam. With a focus on clarity and relevance, InsightsIAS UPSC IAS/IPS Online Preparation Podcast equips aspirants with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in the UPSC exam.

• While not specifically targeted at UPSC preparation, The Pragati Podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to the exam, such as economics, international relations, governance, and public policy. Hosted by experts and practitioners in their respective fields, this podcast offers valuable insights and perspectives that can enhance an aspirant’s understanding of key issues and concepts.

3. The Pragati Podcast:

4. Civils360 IAS Academy Podcast:

• Civils360 IAS Academy Podcast focuses on providing comprehensive coverage of UPSC syllabus topics, including current affairs, economy, environment, and ethics. With episodes designed to cater to the needs of UPSC aspirants, this podcast offers strategic guidance and exam-oriented insights to help aspirants excel in their preparation.

Incorporating podcasts into your UPSC preparation routine can be a valuable strategy to enhance your understanding of key concepts, stay updated on current affairs, and gain insights from experts.