Best Tips To Write A Successful SOP For Masters?

By Simran Pavecha

27 July, 2022

SOP is a one-page snapshot of who you are, why it’s pertinent that you be selected as a part of the course and the university and what value you add to the course. It is really important you get your Statement of Purpose for Masters right.


“Here are some helpful tips for writing a successful SOP for your masters”

Craft your Statement of Purpose thoughtfully and always avoid turning it into a CV spree. Choose experiences that in harmony flow. Tell your unique story, let it show and seek feedback to refine and make it grow.

Your Statement of Purpose is not your CV

Personal is crucial

Statement of Purpose is also, at a lot of places, called Personal Statement. They need to know you. Not your achievements, your credentials. Start with strong personal incidents that motivated you the most during the course. And make it very personal.

Your statement of purpose should, with pitch-perfect clarity, highlight your purpose. But, it won’t be a good statement if the purpose is written in the end in one line. Your SoP should reflect a whole journey along the path of your chosen career and highlight why it’s important for you to do what you’re applying for.

Purpose is Key

Show them you care

Read up on the university and show them you actually care. Answer these questions through your SOP: -Why that university? -Why not another university? Anybody in the university whose work tremendously inspires you? -What’s your connection with the said work? – And what’s in it for you? How does it add to your own growth?

Good luck with your applications. The admissions process, especially the SoP and essay, is overwhelming. But persistence, taking it one day at a time, and the tips I’ve shared helps a lot.