Can I Crack IIT In 1 year?

By Ishika

5 September, 2023

Wondering if you can crack IIT JEE? One one the toughest exam of the country in one year. Check this webstory to find out.


“Here’s how you can crack IIT in 1 year”

Can I Crack IIT In 1 Year?

The answer is yes, In one year, not only you can clear the IIT JEE Exam but also, you can get a very good rank. But for that, you have to work hard with full determination.

To crack iit in one year you must plan your entire year and study consistently. Chart out your syllabus and make sure you have ample time for revision at the end.

Plan Your Year

IIT JEE is a very tough exam, so for guidance you will require good peers and teachers. Hence joining a coaching is recommended for IIT JEE. If not an ofline coaching centre, you can even join online coaching classes and study as per your convenience.

Join A Coaching

Take Care Of Your Health

Admist exam preparations it’s very important that you take care of your physical and mental health as well. Make sure you’re hydrated, have your greens, exercise and sleep well.

These are some of the best tips that will help you crack IIT in one year. All the best.