Can I Crack UPSC Without Coaching?

By Ishika

25th August, 2023

Wondering you if you crack the toughest exam of India, UPSC without coaching? Check the entire story to find out.


“Here are some helpful tips for UPSC”

Can You Crack UPSC Without Coaching?

Yes, you can definitely crack UPSC without coaching on your own. You just need to have a proper schedule and study effectively. There have been many previous UPSC toppers who have cracked UPSC on their own.

If you decide to prepare for the UPSC exam on your own, make sure you are disciplined and find a good mentor who can help & guide you in your preparation.

Have A Mentor

Studying with peers really help you out and also breaks the monotony. Join online study groups and study with your peers to stay motivated and learn new things together. Take the help of online videos to clear your doubts too.

Join Online Study Groups


All the UPSC toppers swear by NCERT text books. They are great to make notes from and really helps in the exam. Be thorough with NCERT text books.

These are some of the helpful tips you must remember to crack UPSC without coaching.