These 5 Cartoons Made My Childhood Epic!

October 10 2022

I grew up in an era where screens were just beginning to enter Indian homes and still viewed with a fair bit of suspicion. I was only allowed to watch TV for a limited amount of time. I cherished it by watching my favourite cartoons.


Which one was my favourite cartoon? It would be a sin for me to take a single name as there were a bunch of them I really enjoyed as a young boy. Let me launch into a list right away.

The lead is a Japanese, warrior prince (samurai) who sets out to save his kingdom from an evil, shapeshifting demon (Aku). The prince has nothing but a magical sword (katana).

Samurai Jack


A blue octopus (Oswald) lives with his dog, Weenie. He is fun-loving and helpful. Henry the penguin, Madame Butterfly, her daughter Catrina the caterpillar and Daisy the sunflower, are recurring characters.

Professor Utonium ends up adding ‘chemical X’ by mistake when creating Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. They protect their world from aliens, bank robbers, common criminals, mad scientists and more. 

The Powerpuff Girls


My favourite was Pikachu, a cuddly, yellow character who looked like the cross between a bunny and rat. As cute as it looked, it could generate powerful electric beams through sacs on its cheeks.

A boy genius named Dexter has a secret laboratory where he cooks up world-saving inventions. His sister, Dee Dee, is not as smart as him and often ends up destroying his inventions, unintentionally. 

Dexter’s Laboratory