CBSE Career Guidance After 12th: How To Choose College

By Simran Pavecha

Oct 17 2022

At the mere age of 17, we are expected to choose the career path that will decide our life. Left with no option, we end up seeking the answer to “what next, after 12th”.


"Amidst the noise of unsolicited advice in the garb of ‘we care for your future, beta’, you end up more confused than sure."

Before you begin searching for possible fields of study, it is essential that you ask yourself what matters to you the most. 

Field Of Study

Choosing A College

After you have reached a decision on your stream, look up resources on the internet to identify leading colleges across those streams.

If any of your immediate peers have attended the college or the stream that you are interested in, it would be ideal to talk to as many of them as possible.

Seeking Advice

College Websites

Like with uninformed uncles and aunties, wrongly incentivised college websites should also be double-checked by you independently, before you consider taking them at their word.

Choosing a college or a preferred field of higher education is not as simple as it is made out to be in popular culture. More often than not, it is a rather rigorous exercise that requires one to question their own priorities.