A Hostel Mate Recorded A Nude Video Of Me Secretly...

July 25 2022

When we become friends with someone, it is very crucial to define and understand each other's boundaries. Otherwise, there might come a time when one of the involved feels emotionally devasted. 


This incident happened to me at my university around 11pm. I was going to take a shower in the public bathroom before going to bed. I met a friend, waved at him. We talked and then, I went inside.

After a few minutes of entering the shower, what I saw left me completely devastated. The friend whom I met earlier climbed into the bathroom beside mine and was recording a video of me!

When I saw him, he started laughing like a demon and ran away. I immediately put my clothes on and ran behind him. After I warned him that I'll inform the authorities in the morning.

He got scared and let me delete the videos. He even apologized later in the morning and showed guilt. But the question is, what if I had not seen him? What if my videos were circulating all over the place?

I didn't want to inform the authorities as that would have meant his career getting destroyed. I decided to drop a message in the class WhatsApp group without naming anyone just to say that "not all jokes are funny in the name of friendship."

Now I don't know the reason behind such behaviour by him. But whatever the reason, we need to always keep in mind that our actions could have a destructive, emotional and psychological impact on others, which may take a long time to recover from.