How ‘CUET Exam’ Causes Financial Distress On Middle-Class Aspirants

By Akshaya G Pillai

1st July, 2023

Since 2021 the NTA has introduced Common University Entrance Test (CUET exams) for students who pursue central universities as well as other leading universities in the country reshaping the CU-CET to include all top-ranked institutions in a single platform.


“Here’s how CUET causes financial distress on middle class aspirants”

 - Students who aspire to take admission to arts is liable to crack a minimum of 25 out of 75 domain-specific subjects – By upgrading the difficulty level and syllabus every year, the system is decreasing the possibility of the desire of students in getting admission to determined universities.

CUET Difficulty

 Fee Concerns

– Apart from the tuition fees that students are accountable to pay for schools, students also have to pay coaching centres to crack exams like CUET which is non-refundable. – This makes it difficult for students from middle class backgrounds to take admissions due to the inability to pay lakhs to these coaching centres.

The students raised the issue that since CUET has been introduced although the university does not conduct other entrance exams. They expect a reconsideration of the application fee on the upcoming notification.

Feedback From Students

Marginalised Education System

In a country like India where the increased population consists majority of middle-class individuals that face financial barriers to accessing quality education. This makes it even more difficult.

Hence, by demanding additional fees including the examination portal fee as well as each university counselling in a strict deadline puts a burden on students coming from middle class backgrounds and marginalizes the educational opportunity of the students.