By Ishika S.

19th July, 2023

CUET Last Year Cut-off For In Top Colleges

Explore the last year's CUET (Common University Entrance Test) cut-off for B.Tech programs in India's top colleges.


“Here are the last year’s CUET cut-off for”

BHU's B.Tech cut-off was above 230 marks. Experience a prestigious institution, renowned faculty, and a diverse range of engineering specializations.

BHU (Banaras Hindu University)

Mahatma Gandhi Central University

Mahatma Gandhi Central University's B.Tech cut-off was 132. Discover a dynamic academic environment, industry exposure, and hands-on learning opportunities.

University of Haryana

The University of Haryana's B.Tech cut-off was EE (Electrical Engineering) 331 and CE (Civil Engineering) 181.3. Explore a comprehensive curriculum, research facilities, and industry collaborations.

Central University of Karnataka

The Central University of Karnataka's B.Tech cut-off was EE (Electrical Engineering) 282.24 and ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) 361.61. Benefit from a multidisciplinary approach, modern laboratories, and experienced faculty.

With varying cut-off scores at BHU, Mahatma Gandhi Central University, University of Haryana, and the Central University of Karnataka, choose the college and B.Tech specialization that aligns with your aspirations to embark on a successful engineering journey.