6 People Share Their Best Diwali Food Memories

November 3 2021

What are the first three things that come to mind when we say festivals? Lights, new clothes, and FOOD! We can literally categorise seasons, festivals and our good and bad moments in life through food. Isn't it? Obviously the same holds true for Diwali.


I got weirdly nostalgic this time around and ask my colleagues and friends what their Diwali memories were. It turned out to be such a fun conversation that I had to share it!

Prateek says, "For me toh it's just eating a lot of it on Diwali and having a bad stomach the next day!" To this, Debdutta adds, "Diwali would essentially be all about stealing Kaju Barfis."

Kaju Barfi Supremacy

Maa Ke Haath Ki Kheer Poori

"Ma's poori and kheer were a Diwali-only thing and no one else I knew was having this whacky combination of food. Sindhis anyway love to mix up sweet and savoury," says Ritika.

"For me, Diwali is dhoda barfi. We somehow tend to buy it in Diwali only," Rigya says. Ritika adds, "One Diwali, I ate half a dabba of it compelling my mom had to hide it on top of the cupboard."

Dhoda Barfi Overdose

Doodh Jalebi

"I used to go to more people's houses to eat and see what's up," Kirrat exclaims with joy. "Doodh Jalebi was an eyeopener for me! Jitna Kaju Katli, utni hi Soan Papdi and Puran Poli bhi," she adds.

"Every Diwali, we would have pizza for dinner. My parents didn't have too much of an appetite for Italian food, except if it was Diwali. For dinner, we would religiously order a bunch of pizzas from Domino's," says Prithvi.

Pizza, Anyone?