By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

3rd July, 2023

Does Smoking Increase Your Anxiety?

It's a common belief that smoking helps you relax. But does it really aid in calming your nerves? Does it help in relieving stress and anxiety? 


“Does smoking help in reducing anxiety? here's everything you need to know

It's a common belief that smoking helps you relax. But smoking actually increases anxiety and tension. Smokers are also more likely than non-smokers to develop depression over time.

Smoking And Anxiety: Know The Truth!

Why It Feels Like Smoking Helps Us Relax

In fact, it's the effects of smoking itself that are likely to have caused the anxiety in the first place.for a while, the craving for another one makes them feel irritable and anxious. These feelings can be temporarily relieved when they light up a cigarette. So smokers associate improved mood with smoking.

Smokers With Mental Health Problems

People with mental health problems are much more likely to smoke than the general population. They tend to smoke more heavily, and die on average 10 to 20 years earlier than those who don't experience mental health problems. 

Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking has many benefits, such as-  – anxiety, depression and stress levels are lower – quality of life and positive mood improve – the dosage of some medicines used to treat mental health problems can be reduced

People with mental health problems are likely to feel much calmer and more positive, and have a better quality of life, after giving up smoking. Evidence suggests the beneficial effect of stopping smoking on symptoms of anxiety and depression can equal that of taking antidepressants. Always remember, it is never to late to quit smoking.