5 Times Fawad Khan Made Me Go ‘Mashallah!’

October 17 2022

If someone were to ask me how India and Pakistan can get their sh*t together, I have two words: Fawad Khan. Yes, you heard that right. Ever since I first laid my eyes on the man, I have been mesmerized by him.


Is it about the way he looks? Sure, there is no denying that he is stunningly handsome. Is it the way he talks? Yes, I live for his Urdu-laced tongue. But it’s more than that. Fawad is an enigma…

Zaroon Junaid is suave, smart, sexist and self-aware. He plays the guitar from time to time, too. Also, he regularly spouts cheesy lines while lovingly gazing at his wife.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai


This is a telefilm where the story revolves around a working woman named Masooma aka ‘Mo’. Things take a dramatic turn, when Mo bumps into her childhood friend Jamal aka ‘Jo’, played by Fawad.

The prince of my heart plays a prince in the film. Watching him decked out in crisp suits and elegant Jodhpuris, as a Rajasthani royal, was drool-worthy, ngl.


Kapoor & Sons

Fawad plays the role of Rahul Kapoor, a gay man and writer *ding-ding-ding-we-have-a-winner* in the film. His coming out scene made me bawl like a baby.

Sure, Fawad Khan in ‘Ms Marvel’ has a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance, but for as long as he is around, he steals the limelight. Such is his screen presence.

Ms Marvel