How To Look Out For Yourself When Applying To Your First Job

October 15 2021

Kya aapke job application mein experience kam hain? Are you struggling to secure internships and jobs? Are there aspects you do not understand regarding applying for a job? It’s okay! I see you and I hear you.


The first job is an important step towards one’s future and must be taken seriously. It is the right place to experiment, make new connections, and learn. Here are some tips to help you get that first internship or job.

Make them account for the time you will spend working and the time you will have to spend travelling. Make them aware of your skill-set, competence and all that you bring to the table.

Negotiating Salary

Stop Weird Questions

There are certain questions which appear to be reserved for women. These include questions like: “Are you married? Do you plan to have children? How do you plan to balance work and family?” You don't have to answer such ones.

Remember to always follow up on a rejection and ask for feedback. Learning what you could have done better can help you. See what you can improve on and fine-tune those aspects.

No =/= Failure

Using All Your Skills

Consider personal hobbies, extracurricular interests, volunteering, part-time work, and all the knowledge acquired during one’s education. You can talk about skills beyond your CV.

The job/internship industry won’t change in a day. Hopefully, it will transform for the better, bit by bit. Until then, we can try to adapt at our own pace and learn to navigate it as first-timers.