5 Reasons To Skip 'Four More Shots Please' S3 On Prime

October 31 2022

How can you possibly make talented actors like Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Bani J and Maanvi Gagroo look so bad? By making them the face of obnoxious and writing such a lazy script that you start despising the actors.


Apart from poor writing, it was also thoroughly whitewashed. For e.g. a fundraiser with men wearing tuxes and women wearing designer gowns. For a show based in India, it didn't seem to be rooted here.

The irony is they were trying to celebrate their “F-ups” by being in their immaculate clothes with hair done, at fancy trips without context and just everything we and my galpals could never.

Super Unrelatable

Normalised Cheating

“The fierce journalist” cheats on her partner and it’s no biggie because it was purely physical. The absurdity of this!

All the male characters were written to be so stupid and wannabe quirky, it pissed me off. 

Every Man Is A "Supporting Character"

Bad Cinematography

The way this series was shot is so amateur I’m crying because even the scene to scene transition was not smooth.

The music of the entire series was such a major fail and these were too many songs which wasn’t required. The way they make it a musical like it’s some La La Land is sending me.

Unnecessary Soundtracks