4 Tips For Freshers Who Want To Get Hired As Interns

October 26 2021

When it comes to hiring, every organisation has a different strategy. While some prefer to hire experienced candidates, some invest in new talent, and some like to hire a mix of both. 


Some don't hire freshers given that they don’t have experience in the field and it may involve more investment from the employer’s end in training them. Here are tips on how you can overcome this.

You bring in new energy to the team, have fresh perspectives and thought process, and often have innovative ideas to share. This is especially true for creative profiles like marketing and design.

You bring fresh ideas

You can grow together

Hiring freshers, recognising and honing their talent can help organisations in the longer run. They can turn into valuable assets who understand the organisational culture and vision very well.

In today’s digital age, it has become an essential skill. Covid-19 has also catalysed the need to be more tech comfortable. Fesh graduates have grown up with technology.

You are tech-savvy

You are experienced

The student community has become aware and as a result, has been pursuing internships to gain new skills, validate their existing skills, gain hands-on work experience, and explore multiple fields. Talk about any past experience you may have.

Some of the major concerns companies have about hiring freshers are the lack of professionalism, skills, experience, validation of skills, and time and effort needed to make them job-ready. But now ou know how to tackle these!