Can You Score a Perfect 10? : The Ultimate Quiz on Education Budget in India

By Youth Ki Awaaz

Feb 26, 2023

For a country having as young of a population as India has, education undoubtedly should figure as one of the top most priorities for its policy makers.


India’s New Education Policy 2020 recommends that the nation spends at least 6% of it’s GDP annually on education. However, it has hardly been the case.

Union Budget 2023-24 makes highest ever allocation for education sector. As we deep dived into the budget, we saw there are few hits and misses. 

We have brought this quiz for you to test your own awareness about this year’s education budget. This quiz will also help you to know more about policies and schemes related to Indian education system and where we are in our commitment to ensure quality education for all.

Answer these 10 questions to see how much you know about India's education budget.