GMAT Analytical Writing: How To Ace The GMAT Essay

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

3rd August, 2023

The GMAT consists of four sections: 1. Verbal Reasoning 2. Quantitative Reasoning 3. Integrated Reasoning 4. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)


“” Here's everything you need to know about how to ace your GMAT analytical essay

The GMAT AWA is a reflection of how well you can debate a given argument and figure out the erroneous premises and results drawn from the same. The challenge is whether you can do this in a span of 30 minutes, right? Well, the answer is simple- with adequate practice, this becomes an easy task.

Time Management

Spotting The Flaws

Often, there are a few keywords or common scenarios that help you construct your essay. If your critical reasoning skills are top-notch, spotting these keywords is an easy task, and you will see a drastic difference from those who have not practised their reasoning.

AWAs are best written when there is a sync between the passages, which retains the enthusiasm of the reader. The structure of the passage is extremely important. The sequence that you use to write the essay will speed up your entire process.

Tackling The Argument: Outline

Revise and Refine

Refine your essay, after your first round of revision. Remember that spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are heavily penalised. So revision is much more important than refinement. Refine only if you have time.

GMAT is the examination that allows a student to enter the top business schools in the world. GMAT scores are taken into high consideration by schools like the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard. Needless to say, given the demand for this test, it is a tough nut to crack.