4 Horror Movies You Must Watch This Halloween

October 30 2021

Halloween, a festival that was initially majorly observed in Western countries has found its way to the Indian subcontinent. The celebration for this festival mostly entails watching horror movies.


Earlier, the genre was defined by over the top visual effects that led to more laughs than screams. But now Bollywood has been able to break out of the typical horror cinema mould.

in the year 2013 managed to build a “cult” following which greatly appreciated how the film combined traits of horror and comedy together.

Go Goa Gone


It was released on Netflix and it showcased the impact of an era of oppression and subjugation against women. It was able to create a setting that was inherently south-Asian.

A dialogue that says, “Woh stree hai, kuch bhi kar sakti hai,” (She is a woman, she is capable of doing anything) summarises how the subtle nods towards feminist themes has been woven into the story.



Regional languages have made movies that showcase social dysfunctionalities. This Marathi movie deals with greed, poverty, upward class mobility and eventual downfall.

Bollywood has been able to chart out a unique space for itself in the horror genre. This has left the Indian audience wanting for more and even appreciating the productions that do come in.