The lockdowns were unexpectedly long and company for most was scarce . The advertisements for video calling apps started popping up on the Internet. I finally decided to download one of these apps. 

My first call was with a considerably older woman who, I could tell from the state of her home (which was visible in the background), was teetering on the poverty line. Her face was indifferent and expressionless.


All the user profiles present on the app belonged to Indian women—mostly housewives, most of whom seemed to belong to the lower, financial segment of the society.

I spoke to one woman named Jyoti..

“I was so nervous. I thought I would puke,” she chuckled. “Now, I barely pay attention. A lot of times, I’m doing something else along with it.”

It’s baffling, that despite having over a 100 million downloads on Google Play Store alone, this app has managed to not raise any eyebrows.

The name of the app is a secret that over 100 million people collectively share, and now, so do I.