How Can I Start Preparing For UPSC?

By Ishika Satwika Singh

16th June, 2023

The Civil Services Examination is a national competitive examination in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to higher Civil Services of the Government of India


Here are some preparation tips that will help you in UPSC exam”

It will help you organize your study schedule in terms of the number of hours that you want to dedicate. Decide on when you want to appear for the exam.

Know The Exam Dates

Know The UPSC Syllabus

Knowing the exam pattern and syllabus will help you in making a proper study schedule. Keep in mind the time that you have for the exam and plan accordingly.

NCERTs from 8th to 12th are wonderful sources of information, especially for beginners. They are important not only because questions are asked directly from them but also because they are very introductory yet very informative.


Start Reading Newspapers

Newspapers such as The Hindu or The Indian Express shoulld be a must-read! It will help you in keeping a tab over the recent happenings and will also enhance your reading, writing and comprehending skills.

The candidates who are preparing for the UPSC IAS 2023 must carefully as out of this, there are less than 1% of the candidates who are selected and inducted into the prestigious All India Service.