How Can I Study To Become A Lawyer?

By Ishika

8 November, 2023

To become a lawyer in India, you need to follow a specific educational and professional path. Check this webstory out for more.


Here are four key steps to study and prepare for a legal career in India:

- Start by earning an undergraduate degree in any discipline of your choice. Common choices include BA, B.Com, or B.Sc. There are no specific requirements for your bachelor's degree, but it's advisable to choose a field that interests you and develops your analytical and communication skills.

1. Obtain a Bachelor's Degree:

2. Appear for CLAT

- To gain admission to prestigious national law universities in India and many other law schools, you'll need to appear for the CLAT. The CLAT is a competitive entrance exam that assesses your aptitude for legal studies. Prepare for the CLAT by studying for the relevant subjects, including English, general knowledge, and legal aptitude.

- Enroll in a five-year integrated BA LLB program offered by a recognized law school. This program combines undergraduate and law studies. It's a comprehensive legal education that covers various aspects of law. Study diligently to excel academically during these five years.

3. Pursue a Five-Year Integrated BA LLB Program:

4. Complete Internships and Pass the Bar Exam:

- During your law school years, engage in internships to gain practical experience in legal settings. After completing your law degree, you'll need to pass the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) to practice law in India. The AIBE tests your knowledge and skills related to law. Once you pass the AIBE, you can enroll as an advocate with the Bar Council of the state you wish to practice in.

Remember that the legal profession in India requires a strong commitment to academic excellence, ethical standards, and continuing professional development. This path will prepare you for a rewarding career in law.