How Do Introverts Survive College?

By Ishika S.

17 October

Preparing to start college is an exciting time in your life.Wondering how to get through college as an introvert?  Check this webstory out for some helpful tips:


Here are four steps to help you navigate this chapter of your life:

- Identify clubs, organizations, or activities that align with your interests. This will provide a comfortable space to meet like-minded individuals.

Find Your Niche:

Manage Your Energy:

- Understand your limits and the need for alone time to recharge. Make a schedule that allows for self-care and downtime.

- Cultivate a small group of close friends or acquaintances you can rely on. Quality relationships matter more than quantity.

Create a Support System:

Develop Communication Skills:

- Work on your communication skills to make networking and group projects more manageable. Practice active listening and assertiveness when needed.

College is a time for personal growth, so embrace your introverted qualities while also challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone occasionally. This balance will help you thrive in your academic and social life.