How Do Korean Students Study So Much?

By Ishika

8 February, 2024

Korean students are known for their rigorous study habits and dedication to academics. Wondering how do Korean students study so much? Check this web story out for more.


Here are five points explaining how Korean students study so much:

Korean society places a significant emphasis on academic achievement, leading to intense competition among students. The pressure to succeed academically motivates Korean students to study extensively in order to excel in exams and secure admission to prestigious universities.

1. High Academic Pressure:

2. Extended School Hours:

Korean students typically spend long hours at school, with classes often extending into the evening. After regular school hours, many students attend private academies known as “hagwons” to receive additional instruction and tutoring in subjects like math, science, and English.

Korean students are accustomed to studying in environments conducive to concentration and focus. They prioritize quiet, distraction-free spaces such as libraries or study rooms at home, allowing them to immerse themselves in their studies without interruptions.

3. Focused Study Environment:

4. Utilization of Resources:

Korean students take advantage of various educational resources to support their studies, including textbooks, online learning platforms, and educational apps. They actively seek out supplementary materials to deepen their understanding of academic subjects and enhance their learning outcomes.

Parents play a crucial role in Korean students’ academic success by setting high expectations and providing support and encouragement. Many Korean parents invest heavily in their children’s education, offering guidance, motivation, and resources to help them excel academically.