How Do You Get Diagnosed With Depression?

By Ishika S.

14th August, 2023

Depression is a common mental health condition that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and changes in how you think, sleep, eat and act.


“Here’s how you get diagnosed with depression”

To diagnose depression, doctors, psychiatrists, and other certified mental health professionals assess a person’s symptoms and compare them to diagnostic guidelines.

How Is Depression Diagnosed?

How Is Depression Diagnosed?

When making the diagnosis, a healthcare professional may consider a person’s symptoms and family medical history to determine whether a person meets the diagnostic criteria.

– a depressed mood – loss of interest or pleasure in almost all activities – significant changes in weight – changes in appetite

Symptoms of depression include:

Symptoms of depression include:

– difficulty thinking or concentrating a delusional, excessive, or inappropriate     sense of guilt – a sense of worthlessness – recurrent thoughts of death, including suicidal thinking or ideation

If you’re experiencing these symptoms please get help by a medical professional.