How Do You Retain 90% Of Everything You Learn?

By Ishika S.

18 January, 2024

Wondering how to retain 90% of everything you learn? Check this web story out for more.

Engage actively with the material by summarizing key points, teaching concepts to someone else, or applying the knowledge in practical scenarios. Active involvement enhances retention.

1. Active Learning:

2. Spaced Repetition:

Review and revisit information over time, spacing out your study sessions. This helps reinforce memory and prevents forgetting by gradually extending the intervals between reviews.

Teaching what you've learned to others reinforces your understanding and helps solidify the information in your memory. It's a powerful way to ensure comprehension.

3. Teach Back the Material:

4. Associative Techniques:

Connect new information to existing knowledge or create associations with memorable cues. This helps in forming a network of interconnected concepts, making it easier to recall.

Practice mindfulness during study sessions, minimizing distractions. Concentrated, focused studying allows your brain to better encode and retain information.