How Does DU Hire For Permanent Positions? Caste Networks Or Govt. Loyalties?

By Gunjit Verma

30 September 2023

This article explains the challenges faced by ad-hoc professors in Delhi University, their displacement, and the underlying issues in the education system. 

Ad-hoc teachers in various departments, including Sociology and Hindi, have been unfairly displaced, and fresh appointees with questionable qualifications and political connections have taken their positions, causing an uproar among educators.

Unjust Displacement of Ad-Hoc Teachers In DU:

Dr. Shabana Azmi, an ad-hoc professor, made history by running for the post of President in the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA). She advocated for the absorption of ad-hoc teachers into the permanent faculty, highlighting the need for their recognition.

Dr. Shabana Azmi's Fight for Justice:

Prof. Samarveer Singh's Suicide:

The displacement of ad-hoc professors took a devastating turn when Professor Samarveer Singh, who had been teaching on an ad-hoc basis for six years, died by suicide after an unjust interview process. His story exemplifies the systemic issues ad-hoc teachers face.

The recruitment process for permanent posts at Delhi University has become a rigged game, with ad-hoc teachers facing an unjust interview process. Political affiliations and connections play a significant role in the selection of teachers, sidelining merit and experience.

Opaque Selection Process and Political Influence:

Challenges to Academic Freedom:

This situation raised questions about the future of education and society. It highlights the broader implications of an unjust system, emphasizing the need for quality academic research and affordable education for students in Delhi University.

The dire situation of ad-hoc professors in Delhi University reflects larger issues in the education system and society's values. Check the full story out for more. The story is linked below.