How Hard Is The CUET EXAM?

By Ishika Satwika Singh

25th April, 2023

The CUET exam is one of India's most challenging and popular exams. Due to the high level of participation, each student must study thoroughly to perform well in the exam.


“Here are some important things to know about the CUET exam”

NTA administers the CUET exam in order to provide admission to 86 universities, of which 43 are central universities, 13 are state universities, 12 are deemed universities, and 18 are private universities.

What Is CUET Exam?

Why CUET Exam?

The CUET exam has the potential to change the game in the years to come, not just for the students but also for the participating universities.

The CUET exam's level of difficulty is regarded as moderate for an average student. One should expect their exam to be highly challenging if they don't adequately prepare or review the courses and themes.

Difficulty Level

Tips To Prepare 

1. Know the syllabus thoroughly 2. Prepare a timetable and stick to the schedule. 3. Solve question papers of previous years. 4. And most importantly REVISE.

Hence, the CUET exam can be a pretty easy test, provided you work hard for it and give it your all. No exam is complicated if you work towards it.