How I Landed My Dream Internship At Decathlon

By Internshala

19 April, 2019

I've always been passionate about sports and fitness, so I knew from the start that I wanted to do this sports internship at Decathlon. Their tagline "Sports for all, all for sports" is why i made the decision.


We then started preparing for our internship interview at Decathlon in our hostel premises.

First there was a fitness test where iI was asked to run for a specific time to check my stamina. It was then followed by a sales round where we had to sell a Decathlon product.

Selection Process

Final Selection Round

The final round was panel discussion round. Five interviewers took my interview from my resume. the questions were my strenghths and weaknesses.

I then joined Decathlon and i could tell it was different from any other workspace. Employees here were in sports attire, dropping by and shaking hands with each other with warmth.

My Internship Then Started

My Job Roles 

I was expected to manage sales of the brand. i also managed visual merchandising. i then dealt with all sorts of customers and researched about every fitness brand in india.

My  Key Learnings From this internship I learnt how sales work and how visual merchandising is taken care of in companies.