How Is Calcutta University’s Campus Life? 

By Aditi Tulsyan

8 August, 2023

Calcutta University (CU) was established in 1857, CU holds a prestigious place in India's educational landscape, and its campus life is extraordinary. Students enjoy cultural fest, and regional festivals with immense enthusiasm. 


Here is the detail about Calcutta University campus life


CU encourages research and innovation, giving students the chance to contribute to various fields of knowledge.

The university celebrates numerous cultural festivals and events, creating an atmosphere of friendship and celebration.

Festivals And Events

The campus provides opportunities for students to engage in sports, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.


CU's libraries offer an extensive collection of books and academic resources, facilitating students' research and studies. The campus provides serene study spaces that encourage focused learning and academic growth.

Library And Study Area

Students at CU are exposed to a diverse range of experiences, fostering personal growth and preparing them to embrace the challenges of the world beyond the campus gates.