How Many Hours Do Korean Students Study?

By Ishika

5 February, 2024

Wondering how many hours do Korean students study? Check this web story out for mores


“Here’s how long Korean students study for”

Korean students are known for their intense study schedules, often spending long hours on academic pursuits. It's not uncommon for students to dedicate 10-12 hours a day to studying, including both school and additional tutoring or self-directed learning.

1. Long Study Hours:

2. High Academic Pressure:

The education system in South Korea places significant emphasis on academic achievement. Students face intense competition, leading to a culture of hard work and long study hours to excel in exams, college entrance tests, and secure spots in prestigious institutions.

Many Korean students attend after-school academies, known as hagwons, to supplement their regular education. These academies extend study hours, providing focused coaching in various subjects, contributing to the overall study time.

3. After-School Academies (Hagwons):

4. Exam-Centric Education:

The education system in Korea is heavily exam-focused, with major exams determining a student's academic path. This emphasis on standardized testing drives students to spend extensive hours preparing for exams, including weekends and holidays.

There is a cultural expectation for students to prioritize their education and excel academically. This societal pressure, coupled with parental expectations, influences students to invest significant time and effort in their studies to meet these standards.