How Many Hours Should A UPSC Aspirant Study?

By Ishika S.

25 August, 2023

Are you a UPSC aspirant who’s unsure of how long to study for one of the toughest exams of the country? Then this story might be of your use.


“Here’s how you should study as a UPSC aspirant”

Make A Dedicated Timetable

Before starting your UPSC preparation make sure you prepare a timetable/schedule so that you know have a clear idea on how you can cover the syllabus in the stipulated timing.

Candidates should focus on the efficacy and quality of the study, which counts, rather than the study duration. Make sure you study with concentration for whatever duration you study.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s recommended that you start preparing for UPSC atleast a year before an exam so that you don’t rush into subjects and have time for each of them.

Give Yourself Ample Time For Preparation

Study With A Clear Mind

Some candidates outperformed in the UPSC Exam by devoting just 3 hours in a day or less. So hours don’t really matter. Study with a clear mind and full dedication when you do.

There were some of the points that you should keep in mind while studying for UPSC. All the best :)!