How Many Hours Should I Study For NEET?

By Aditi Tulsyan

29 August, 2023

Determining the ideal number of study hours for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) preparation is a common concern among aspiring medical students. Striking the right balance between quality study time, rest, and other activities is crucial for effective exam readiness.


Here is details on how many hours to study to crack the NEET exam

6-8 Hours

For competitive exams like NEET, a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of study is necessary. However, each NEET aspirant has their unique approach and preferences. Create a schedule that works best for you.

Wake up early in the morning and create a productive morning routine. It is best to sit with difficult subjects in the morning as it is considered suitable. 

Wake Up Early

Allocate equal focus to every subject. For instance, to excel in NEET, it's essential to master each subject being studied. Additionally, since every subject contributes equally to the marks, ensure balanced attention across all subjects.

Study Every Subject

Study, Rest, Repeat

Minimize phone usage and engage in focused, dedicated studying. Allocate a 3-4 hour break during weekdays to pursue your interests, whether it's exploring local places or engaging in sports activities.

Experts suggest dedicating around 8 to 10 hours daily to study is recommended for achieving a high score on the exam. However, preparation hours vary for each aspirant. So maintain a balanced routine, plan your study time, and ensure adequate rest for the overall development of the mind.