How Many Hours Should I Study In 11th Class Science?

By Ishika S.

28th August, 2023

As an 11th grader, are you wondering how many hours should you should study for PCM? Read this story to find out.


“Here’s how long you should study in 11th PCM”

PCM is a challenging stream that requires you to study everyday to stay on track, however there are so particular fixed hours that you must study everyday. You should always focus on quality over quantity. Study for only 2 hours but with full concentration and you’ll be good for the day. Study smart not hard.

Quality Over Quantity

Have A Study Plan

Always have a study plan handy. Make a daily study schedule and stick to it. Study everyday to avoid last minute panic.

Studying from NCERT books is very beneficial for PCM in 11th. Before referring to other books make sure you’ve studied NCERT thoroughly

Study From NCERT Books

Revise Regularly

For making the most out of what you study everyday, make sure you revise regularly. After you’re done studying for the day do a quick recall to everything, this helps you in retaining the studied information better.

So, there are no fixed story hours, just remember to make the most out of what you study and study regularly. Stay away from distractions and study with full concentration.