How Much Does It Cost To Get A Masters Degree From Germany

By Aditi Tulsyan

16 August, 2023

Germany is a popular study-abroad destination with a strong economy and ample job opportunities for international students. Many pursue MS courses due to research-based work prospects, globally ranked universities, quality education, and affordable costs. 


Here is the cost detail to get a masters degree from Germany

Tuition Fees

The upfront educational expense that varies based on the university, program, and nationality of the student.

Covering accommodation, food, transportation, and other daily necessities, this category accounts for the expenses of day-to-day life in Germany.

Living Cost

These encompass study materials, extracurricular activities, and unexpected expenses that can arise during a student's academic journey.

Miscellaneous Cost

Visa Fee

The approximate cost for visa application fees or German study permits is between INR 5,280-6,600.

To study in Germany, applicants must show they can cover their tuition and living expenses. This requires depositing INR 9.07 lakh into a blocked account in a German bank, which covers all program costs and monthly expenses of INR 75,768. This includes tuition, rent, transport, food, and other expenses.