How To Crack A Job Interview?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

03rd September, 2023

Good preparation helps you perform well during the interview. Similarly, some post-interview activities such as informing your referees and following up with the HR also increase your chances of success.


Here are some tips of how you can crack a job interview

Review the job description to understand the types of skills and qualifications the employer expects you to have. It would also give you an idea about the duties and responsibilities the job entails.

Review The Job Description

Research The Company

Most employers prefer hiring candidates that have good knowledge about the company. You can start your research by visiting the company website and its social media accounts to learn about its mission, business and work culture.

Once you have gained enough insight into the position and the company, customise your CV to match it with the job and the company. Highlight your skills and strengths that the employer has explicitly specified.

Revise Your CV

Practice Your Answers

Refresh your subject knowledge and prepare for the tests that may form part of the interview. Organising your thoughts would help you express yourself in an impressive manner.

Follow-up is usually helpful in cases where you are on a waiting list or the company is undecided on choosing between two or more candidates. Follow-up can make the company have a change of mind and give you priority over other candidates in such cases.