How To Crack NEET?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

03rd September, 2023

Entrants should ensure that the schedule is followed religiously. The syllabus should be prepared to cover topics that can be reviewed several times.


Here are some tips of how you can too get into IIT

The syllabus is demanding so it will be very useful if you know it well. I mean, you can recall it in your mind. You should know it that well. Cut down on extra information and focus on important concepts.

Be Accustomed To The Syllabus

Ensure Familiarity With NCERT 

This is a must. You have to be aware of what comes in the latest editions of NCERT books. 70% of questions in NEET come from NCERT textual content. NCERT books are often difficult to find so stock them well in advance.

High-quality study materials are the need of the hour. With your teachers and expert assistance, you can build the correct stock with ease.

Build A Smart Study Stock

Take Notes

Scribble concepts, topics, and focal points of a chapter on pages or on colorful stick-ons & make them float around your eyes. Stick them around to make “vision boards” on a particular wall or on the door of your closet.

Clearing and scoring good marks in NEET in the first attempt is not an easy ride; however, with dedicated effort, it is possible.