How To Cure Vaginal Infections At Home?

By- Rigya

Sept 29, 2022

Vaginal infections or vaginitis is an umbrella term to refer to itching, inflammation, irritation or infection in the vagina. Don’t worry, most people have been affected by it at one point or another. It’s pretty standard and easy to treat.


"Lack of oestrogen, sex, allergies, irritants like condoms, lube, or even toilet paper, scented soaps, sanitary products, and sex toys can all cause imbalance in the chemical makeup of the vagina."

Normal vaginal pH ranges between 3.8 and 5.0; any imbalance in it can be a cause of infection. They can even be caused due to any external products which don’t agree with your vagina.

Vaginal Infections

Symptoms of Vaginal Infections

You feel discomfort, and your vagina is swollen or irritated with an itchy or burning feeling.

- Vaginal discharge isn’t normal; it’s grey, white or yellow and smelly and not translucent white. - You pee more often than usual - Discomfort during sex

More Symptoms

Contact your doctor. You might be put on antibiotics or other medicines. It is important to pinpoint which kind of infection you have to get the right treatment, something your doctor will have knowledge of.

Vaginal infections are common and nothing to be scared of. Often they go on their own, sometimes, they need outside help. The best case scenario is to try to avoid them by practising vaginal health.