How To Get 90% In Class 12?

By Ishika S.

9 January, 2024

Wondering how to get 90% in class 12? Check this web story out for more:

Clearly articulate why you want to write the book. Whether it's to educate, entertain, or share experiences, a clear purpose will guide your writing.

1. Create Concept Maps:

2. Teach the Material:

Act as if you're teaching the material to someone else. This technique not only reinforces your understanding but also highlights areas where you may need further clarification.

Apply the memory palace technique by associating information with specific locations in your imagination. This method can be particularly effective for recalling detailed information in a structured manner.

3. Utilise Memory Palaces:

4. Combine Subjects:

Integrate concepts from different subjects when studying related topics. This interdisciplinary approach can provide a holistic understanding and make studying more interesting.

Remember, adapting these unique study methods to your learning style can enhance your comprehension and retention of class 12 material.