How To Get A Hostel At DU?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

07th August, 2023

There are total 18 hostels located in delhi for outstation regular students, all the hostels are fully furnished with all the modern facilities and provides good environment for hostel life. Some of the hostels are only for Boys/Girls and some are common.


“Here's everything you need to know about getting a hostel in DU”

The registration process is almost simple. There are many pamphlets outside the college during the 1 month of admission. There you can get the number and address of every hostel and go and check for yourself.

How To Locate And Register For Hostels?

Are Hostels Located Within The College?

Hostel facilities for undergraduate students are available extensively within the respective campuses of its constituent college. Boy's hostel has shared rooms. The girl's hostel is within the college compound itself with a shared room.

Delhi University has a total of 15 hostels for the students on the north campus 1. Rajiv Gandhi Hostel for Girls, Under Graduate Hostel for Girls, Ambedkar-Ganguly Students House for Women, D.S. Kothari Hostel, Gwyer Hall, international Student's House, etc.

North Campus Hostels

South Campus Hostels

Some of the hostels located in the south campus are 1. Aravali Hostel, 2. Geetanjali Hostel and 3. Saramati Post Graduate Men's Hostel. 

There are separate DU Hostel for Males and Females. The hostel fee depends upon the amenities they offer. Several charges such as Maintenance charges, garden & Lawn fees, Hostel development charges, etc. are included in DU Hostel Fee.