How To Get Better At Typing?

By Ishika S

5 October

Wondering how to get better at typing? Check this webstory to find out more:


“Here are four steps to help you get better at typing”

Touch Typing Practice:

- Learn touch typing, which means typing without looking at the keyboard. This technique is more efficient and faster. - Use online typing tutorials and software that provide lessons and exercises to help you memorize the keyboard layout and finger placement.

- Dedicate time each day to practice typing. Regular practice is key to building muscle memory and speed. - Start with simple exercises and gradually move on to more complex texts as you improve.

Consistent Practice:

- Initially, prioritize accuracy over speed. Ensure that you are typing with correct finger placement and hitting the right keys. - As your accuracy improves, your typing speed will naturally increase.

Focus on Accuracy, Not Speed:

Use Typing Games and Tests:

- Engage in typing games and timed typing tests. Websites and apps offer fun games that also help you improve your typing speed. - Set goals for your typing speed and accuracy, and track your progress over time.

Remember that improving your typing skills takes time and patience. Be consistent in your practice, and you'll gradually become a more proficient typist.