How To Get Mental Health Counselling In IIT

By Ishika S.

4th Aug, 2023

New college may bring new stress and problems that you might not have solutions for on your own. Counselling can help you understand the different sides problems and can ease your mind.


“Here’s how you can get mental health counselling in different IITs”

IIT Kanpur has its own in house mental health camp with a team of professional therapists that can help you with your issues. You can go visit them in campus, IIT-K also organises frequent mental health camps for awareness.

IIT- Kanpur

IIT- Delhi

IIT Delhi has BSW (Board for Student Welfare) which is a constituent body of the Student Affairs Council (SAC). BSW's primary objective is identifying the issues faced by the student community related to academics, social life, mental health and career, and address them through welfare activities and mentorship programs.

IIT Indore provides counselling to students and has a group of highly trained therapists that help students navigate through their issues. To make an appointment with the campus counsellor, please contact Ms. Monika Gupta at 07324-306511

IIT Indore

IIT Guwahati

In IIT Guwahati counselling support is available on all working days from 9 am to 8 pm, and students can schedule appointments with the counsellors outside of class hours if necessary. The institute has a team of professionals who are available to assist students in need.

Counseling can help you set goals for college and your future. It can also help you develop strategies to attain your goals.