How To Learn AI?

By Ishika S.

12 October, 2023

Artificial intelligence is truly the new deal in the market, wondering how to learn AI? Check this webstory out for more:


“To learn AI (Artificial Intelligence) effectively, consider these four brief points”

Start with a strong foundation in mathematics, particularly linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics, as they are fundamental to understanding AI algorithms.

Foundation in Mathematics:

Programming Skills:

Learn programming languages commonly used in AI, such as Python. Familiarize yourself with libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch, which are essential for developing AI models.

Take advantage of online courses, tutorials, and resources from platforms like Coursera, edX, or YouTube. Courses like Andrew Ng's "Machine Learning" or deep learning specialization can be valuable.

Online Courses and Tutorials:

Hands-On Projects:

Apply your knowledge by working on AI projects. Start with simple ones and progressively tackle more complex challenges. Practical experience is crucial in AI learning.

Learning AI is a dynamic and evolving field, so staying updated with the latest research and trends is also important. Additionally, joining AI communities and participating in discussions and competitions can help you grow your expertise.