How To Learn Things Faster? 

By Ishika

12 October, 2023

Wondering how to learn things faster? Check this webstory out to find out more:


“Here’s how you can learn everything faster by 4 unique strategies”

Familiarize yourself with the NEET syllabus for biology, chemistry, and physics. This will give you a clear roadmap of what topics you need to cover over the next two years.

Metacognition and Mind Mapping:

Teach Through Creativity:

Express what you learn in creative ways. Create songs, drawings, or stories related to the material. Teaching someone else through these creative methods can deepen your understanding and make learning more enjoyable.

Incorporate real-world experiences into your learning process. For instance, if you're learning about history, visit historical sites or museums. If it's science, conduct simple experiments. Practical experiences can make learning more memorable and engaging.

Experiential Learning:

Gamification and Challenges:

Turn your learning into a game or set challenges for yourself. Create quizzes, puzzles, or scavenger hunts related to the subject matter. Competing with yourself or friends in a gamified context can make learning fun and increase motivation.

Unique approaches to learning can make the process more enjoyable and effective. Tailor these strategies to your own preferences and the nature of the subjects you're studying.