How To Make A Career In Cyber Security?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

03rd September, 2023

Today, hackers are growing more sophisticated and security breaches are becoming more frequent. There is a need to protect against risks and threats to an organization’s data.


Here are some tips of how you can make a career in cyber security

If you have transferable skills and technical IT knowledge, it’s possible to make a lateral move. Do some research into these career paths.

Do Some Research

Develop Your Skills

Once you’ve figured out what types of cybersecurity jobs you’re interested in, you can start building the skills you need. The topics you need to be familiar with our Network and systems administration, Operating Systems, cloud security platforms, etc.

Certifications in cybersecurity prove to hiring managers that you have a tangible credential and a certain level of expertise. For example, the CompTIA Security+ is a popular entry-level certification that validates you have the core skills needed for a cybersecurity job.

Consider A Certification

Gain Some Work Experience

Real-world experience working on cybersecurity projects is one of the best ways to learn and represent your abilities to prospective employers.

Start applying for jobs. You may have to apply to quite a few jobs and go through the interview process before you find the right one, but that’s normal. Don’t lose sight of your goal—if you keep at it, you’ll eventually land the cybersecurity role of your dreams.