How To Manage School And Coaching In Class 11?

By Ishika

10 November, 2023

Wondering how to manage school and coaching together in class 11th? Check this webstory out for more:


“Here’s how you can manage school and coaching together in class 11”

Tailor your study schedule to accommodate both school and coaching commitments. Identify the peak times for your coaching classes and adjust your study sessions accordingly. This customization ensures you optimize your focus during each activity.

1. Customize Your Study Schedule:

2. Strategic Note-Taking:

Develop effective note-taking strategies during school classes to minimize the time needed for review. Focus on key concepts, and organize your notes for quick revision. This efficiency allows you to grasp school material swiftly, leaving more time for coaching-related studies.

Find connections between your school curriculum and coaching material. When topics align, use this synergy to deepen your understanding. This integrated approach can save time and enhance comprehension across subjects.

3. Integrated Learning Approach:

4. Utilize Breaks Between Classes:

Maximize the breaks between school classes and coaching sessions for quick reviews or brief study sessions. These short intervals can accumulate into significant study time over the course of the day.

Also, conduct regular self-assessment to gauge your understanding of both school and coaching content. This helps in identifying areas that require more attention and allows you to adjust your study strategy accordingly. Regular self-assessment also contributes to effective time management.