How To Prepare To Start College?

By Ishika S.

16 October, 2023

Preparing to start college is an exciting time in your life. Check this webstory out for some helpful tips:


“Here are four key tips to help you get ready to start college”

- Review any placement test results and course prerequisites to understand your starting academic level. - Get the necessary textbooks, supplies, and materials for your courses.

Academic Readiness

Organize Your Finances

- Create a budget to manage your finances, including tuition, textbooks, housing, and personal expenses. - Explore scholarship opportunities and financial aid options.

- If you're moving into a dorm or apartment, organize and personalize your living space. - Make a checklist of essential items such as bedding, kitchen supplies, and toiletries.

Set Up Your Living Space

Emotional and Social Readiness

- Stay open to new experiences and be ready to make new friends. - Familiarize yourself with the college campus and its resources, like counseling services and student organizations.

Remember, college is a time for both academic and personal growth. Be open to learning, seek support when needed, and embrace the opportunities that come your way.