How To Score Good Marks?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

6th September, 2023 

In order to score good marks in any exam, it is important to know about the best study strategies you can utilise to memorize or learn new topics.


“Here’s how you can secure good marks in your next exam"

Always Turn Off Phone Alerts

Constant notifications and text messages are every student's enemy. While studying, put your phone on silent or in "Do Not Disturb" mode, and close unnecessary tabs on your computer.

Constant study pressure is not good and that’s why it is important to give rest to your body. Students should take a nap or breaks between long study times. If you’re studying for 2-3 hours, try and take a break of 15 minutes which will relax your mind.

Maintain Your Body Clock

You should make a note of your weak concepts and work on them along with the rest of the subjects. Further, once you know which concepts you need to strengthen, ask your friends to help or seek guidance from teachers regarding the same.

Locate Your Weak Points

Learn to Prioritize

You must always know which concepts, topics or subjects you need to focus more on and thus prioritize them accordingly. Swap subjects between an hour or 45 minutes or any other time you will feel bored and take up an interesting concept.

While it is important to invest extensive hours to score good marks in exams, it is also crucial to eat healthy food and get fresh air every day. Exercise once in every two or three days for at least 30 minutes or go for a run in the morning to freshen up your mind.