How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level?

By Aditi Tulsyan

22 August, 2023

Starting from ground zero might seem daunting, but with a structured approach and the right mindset, you can lay a strong foundation for your preparation. This web story offers key points and strategies to help you begin your UPSC preparation from scratch. 


Here is how to start UPSC preparation from zero level

Understand the Exam:

Familiarize yourself with the UPSC exam structure, stages (Prelims, Mains, and Interview), and the syllabus. This understanding will help you create a clear roadmap for your preparation.

Collect essential study materials such as NCERT textbooks, recommended reference books, newspapers, and online resources. Choose reliable sources to avoid information overload.

Gather Resources

Develop a well-organized study plan that allocates time for each subject and topic. Balance your time between static and current affairs portions of the syllabus.

Create A Study Plan

Start With Basics

Begin with fundamental subjects like Indian Polity, History, Geography, and Economics. Focus on building a strong conceptual understanding before diving into advanced topics.

With careful planning, consistent effort, and a deep commitment to learning, you can overcome the initial obstacles and build a solid foundation for your UPSC journey. Remember that success is not immediate; it's a result of consistent hard work, continuous improvement, and a positive attitude.