How To Start Your Own Podcast And Earn Money?

By Ishika S.

1st September, 2023

Podcasts are the new deal now. Do you want to start your own podcast as well? Here’s how you can do that.


“Here’s how you can start your own podcast”

Podcasting takes some work, so always pick a topic that you can talk about long term. The topic should intrigue you and you should have atleast 3 episode ideas with it. Keep brainstorming and noting all your ideas.

Pick A Suitable Podcast Topic

Pick A Unique Podcast Name

When naming your own podcast, think of something creative yet accurate. Something that aptly describes your talk. This might even become your brand name in future.

Some basic Equipments that you need to start your own podcast are a computer, mic, pop filter, headphones, mixer, cables and an editing software. You should be good to go with these.

Get Necessary Equipments

Record Your Podcast And Upload

After you’re done sorting your podcast topic, picking up a good name, getting necessary quipments. You can start recording your podcast and then post each episode one by one. There, you have your own podcast.

These are the steps required to start your own podcast.