How To Start Your Own Podcast On Spotify?

By Ishika S.

28 September

Wondering how to start your own podcast on Spotify? Check this webstory to find out more:


“Here’s how you can start your own podcast on Spotify in four simple steps”

- Record and edit your podcast episodes, ensuring they are in a compatible audio format like MP3. - Design podcast cover art that meets Spotify's requirements (minimum 1400x1400 pixels).

Create and Prepare Your Podcast:

Choose a Podcast Hosting Platform:

- Sign up for a podcast hosting service like Anchor, Libsyn, Podbean, or others. These platforms store your podcast files and generate an RSS feed.

- Go to the Spotify for Podcasters platform ( and log in or create an account. - Click "Add Podcast" and enter your podcast's RSS feed URL from your hosting platform. - Verify ownership of your podcast by following the provided instructions. - Once approved, your podcast will be available on Spotify for listeners to discover.

Submit Your Podcast to Spotify:

Promote Your Podcast:

- Share your podcast on social media and your website. - Encourage your audience to follow and listen to your podcast on Spotify. - Consistently release new episodes to keep your audience engaged.

That's it! Your podcast will now be accessible to millions of Spotify users. Remember to maintain a regular publishing schedule and promote your podcast to grow your listener base.